Everything’s Bigger in Texas. Including Our Ideas.

Over ten years, we’ve built out a series of events designed to speak directly with our audience. Our speakers have taught us how to think like a cheetah, see from the eyes of a gambler, and create from within.


our Reach

Over the past ten years, TEDxSMU has presented more than 30 events, auditions and salons and showcased more than 375 ideas from its stage. In addition to the several thousand audience members over the years, talks presented by TEDxSMU speakers have been viewed online more than eight million times by the global TED audience.

upwards and onwards

This year marks our 10th anniversary. During this celebratory year, we will present a live simulcast of the TEDWomen Conference (TEDxSMUWomen), hold open auditions for prospective speakers, present the 11th edition of TEDxKids@SMU, and reconstitute the TEDxSMU conference for a 10th anniversary show.




Steering Committee

Marc P. Christensen, Dean, SMU Lyle School of Engineering

Sharon Lyle, President, Ensemble

Carole S. Young

James F. Young


Kat Diggs, Ensemble

Sharon Lyle, Ensemble

On Cue Productions, led by Lou Bollinger

Kristine Reiley, SMU Lyle School of Engineering

SWOON, the studio