Who is eligible to apply to be a speaker?

We welcome all ideas and encourage people of all ages, career fields, and walks of life to apply. We typically have more ideas than time on stage and our team works to ensure that we are curating a well-rounded program. Do not be discouraged if we are not able to accommodate your ideas this go-around.


TEDxSMU periodically holds auditions to speak at our events. These are great opportunities for individuals who have a story to share, but perhaps don’t have an existing talk we can reference. Information about auditions will be posted on the Events page of the website.

What are you looking for in A Talk?

We want great ideas. We want to be wowed by discovery, moved by stunning design, and rallied by passionate action. Speakers are assigned a talk time length ranging from six to 18 minutes. We do prohibit selling a product from the stage, and require all science to be grounded in verified reputable research. We don’t permit any talk that includes any sort of racism, bigotry, hate speech, sexism, etc.

While we love the little kiddos in our lives, we ask that they stay home for TEDxSMU. TEDxSMU is a learning environment, and we encourage our attendees to be present in a theater for three, 105 minute sessions, which can be a long time for little attention spans. TEDxKids @SMU is targeted toward a middle school audience with space for students from high school upper grades to volunteer. Please see more on the TEDxKids @SMU page.

are tedxsmu events family friendly?

Long enough to stay engaged for three, 105 minute sessions, and to process some complicated and difficult topics that may be sensitive for younger children.

How old do i have to be to attend?

TEDxKids @SMU is free. TEDxSMU is ticketed. Pricing will be announced when ticket sales open.

What’s the cost to attend?


Please visit The Majestic’s website for suggestions on parking in paid lots and meters near the venue.

All of our venues are ADA compliant. If you require special needs support, please email tedxsmu@gmail.com and we will do our best to assist you.

What support do you provide for those who have special access needs?

We currently do not offer a nonprofit discount.

Do you provide a nonprofit discount?