Speaking at TEDxSMU

Have a Talk in Mind?

We want to hear your ideas! In addition to proactively reaching out to potential speakers, we are always happy to hear from our audience about people they’d like to hear, or from prospective speakers themselves. We have a few ways we accept ideas: either through our speaker idea form below, or through auditions to speak at one of our events.

Before you submit an idea, here are some fundamentals for what we look for in ideas:


Rooted in legitimate science

Ideas that are scientific in nature need to be based on fact, and not pseudoscience. We will fact check submissions to make sure that any ideas we present from the stage are accepted by reputable scientists and scientific publications. We understand that early-stage ideas are still being tested, but we will look for research methodology and framing for any early-stage concepts or ideas.


No Selling from the stage

To preserve the integrity of our stage, we strictly prohibit any talks that are promotional in nature: both for products and services, as well as for nonprofit initiatives looking for funding. We welcome our speakers to root their content in their professional roles if appropriate to the talk, but the larger construct must be more than a product pitch. From time to time, we will allow new technologies with a high wow-factor to be demonstrated on the stage.


No “N=1” Narratives

While we love hearing personal stories of triumph and overcoming the odds, we respectfully ask that you find another forum to share those stories. For our stage content, we ask that our speakers share ideas that are bigger and have larger resonance than their personal life story. Certainly, there are exceptions to the rule, but know that inspirational stories will be heavily scrutinized and are not likely to be invited to have a place on this program.

Send us your ideas!

Please keep in mind that we are curating an overall program, so even some great ideas that come our way get tabled for future events so we can balance the content throughout the day. Thanks in advance for your idea.

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